This is The End….of Season 3. Best Performances from SNL Cast Members

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snl-logoJoe, Nick and The Vern are saying their farewells to you all this week with the final episode of season 3.  They are going back to their basics with just the three of them and no guest.  Vern was also a bit lazy in editing ,so the show will be somewhat live.  This makes sense because the topic this week is Best Movies From Past Cast MembersThere were tons of cast members to choose from, but they each only chose three.  It was a lot of fun to record, and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Continue reading

All About Christina Ricci.

ChristinaRicciOn this episode,  Nick and Vern are joined by Todd of Forgotten Films and The Walt Sent Me Podcast to talk about the films of Christina Ricci(Sleepy Hallow, The Addams Family).  They each list their top three favorite films from this actress and then finish up with a fun game of Battle of Wits.   Sadly, Joe could not make this show, but he will be on the next one.

Also on Tap.

Todd’s Top 3 favorite movies of all time.

A preview of “House of Mason” Starring Ryan Kiser, Tristan Risk, and Devanny Pinn .

There are a few audio hiccups that could not be fixed, but it is still a good episode.

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The Episode on Tilda Swinton

tilda-swintonWe greatly apologize for being so late in posting shows, but there were some major audio problems from the last show that could not be fixed.  In any case this show is still a lot of fun and being that it is so much fun.  We thought that it would be cool to post it now instead of later.  Our show this week is all about actress Tilda Swinton.  She has been making quite a splash this year with movies like “Only Lovers Left Alive“, Grand Budapest Hotel”, and “Snowpiercer” and she has more to come out soon.  Nick and Joe could not make this episode, but The Vern is joined by two great guests to talk about their three favorite films from this lady.

James of Sobriety Test Movie Reviews


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Our Tribute to Robin Williams.

robin-williamsThis week we lost a very funny comedian, a talented actor, and a wonderful humanitarian.  Robin Williams  has been with us for many generations, and it is sad to see him go.  Vern and Joe each discuss their three favorite performances from this actor and then are joined by Fredo of Film Yarn to discuss his choices.  Featured on the show are various clips of Mr. Williams in movies, stand up routines and interviews.  Despite a few audio problems in the 2nd half, we still feel that this is a very good and very funny tribute to a man that was known to make us all laugh.


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The Show about John C. Reilly

John C HeaderToday’s episode is about an actor who  can do both comedies and dramas without any problems what so ever.   John C. Reilly is a guy who can make any movie  better, just with his appearance.  Joe, Vern, and Nick are joined by Jeremy of Southern California who happens to be one of their biggest fans to talk about  their three favorite movies from this actor.  They close out the show with a brand new Battle of Wits that delivers the laughs.

Also on Tap.

Reviews of
A Most Wanted Man
Snowpiercer Continue reading