10 Great Movie Podcasts (that are not us).

radio-familyThe new season of As You Watch will be starting up very soon.  Vern, Nick and Joe have been hard at work on a new set of shows that will be focusing on movie franchises.  They will be featuring guests from other podcasts from time to time and with that.  We want to introduce you to several other podcasts shows you should check out.  The following shows are not put into any sort of list from ten to one.  They all have entertaining hosts, fresh concepts, and insightful discussions on movies. Click on each name to check out the show Continue reading

Interview With Actress Victoria Guthrie

victoria_prints0817 If you were expecting a regular episode with Nick, Joe, and The Vern, this will not be it. But we urge you to listen anyway because this show is a lot of fun and very informative.  Especially if you are serious at considering a career in the profession of acting.  Our guest this week is actress Victoria Guthrie and although she may not be a name you recognize right away.  She is actively working and has way over 39 roles to her career since 2008(according to IMDB). This doesn’t even include any of her stage or commercial work.  On the show Victoria and host The Vern talk about her work in the romantic comedy “April Grace“(Click on name to hear interview with cast and director),the horror movie “Alpha Girls“, odd audition stories, her newest features and much much more. Continue reading

Interview with the Director and Cast of Potpourri.


potpourri 2While the show is on a bit of a hiatus between seasons.  The Vern was lucky enough to get an interview with the actors and director of a fun new horror, comedy, musical with zombies and time travel.  It is called Potpourri and you can watch it right now on Netflix.  I ask that you at least hear the show first and then watch the flick.  After that, tell your friends to watch it and then tell them to tell other people and so on….   On the show are writer/director Elliot Diviney, and cast members Shannon McDonough, and Ryan Kiser. They talk about the making of this fun movie,  a little bit about Doctor Who and The Vern reveals something interesting about his past.  Even though there were a few audio hiccups, it’s still a fun show and we hope you all really enjoy it. Continue reading

This is The End….of Season 3. Best Performances from SNL Cast Members

Hello everyone.

snl-logoJoe, Nick and The Vern are saying their farewells to you all this week with the final episode of season 3.  They are going back to their basics with just the three of them and no guest.  Vern was also a bit lazy in editing ,so the show will be somewhat live.  This makes sense because the topic this week is Best Movies From Past Cast MembersThere were tons of cast members to choose from, but they each only chose three.  It was a lot of fun to record, and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Continue reading

All About Christina Ricci.

ChristinaRicciOn this episode,  Nick and Vern are joined by Todd of Forgotten Films and The Walt Sent Me Podcast to talk about the films of Christina Ricci(Sleepy Hallow, The Addams Family).  They each list their top three favorite films from this actress and then finish up with a fun game of Battle of Wits.   Sadly, Joe could not make this show, but he will be on the next one.

Also on Tap.

Todd’s Top 3 favorite movies of all time.

A preview of “House of Mason” Starring Ryan Kiser, Tristan Risk, and Devanny Pinn .

There are a few audio hiccups that could not be fixed, but it is still a good episode.

Continue reading