Box Office Talk: Episode 3.

weekend-box-officeIn this ongoing series.  Joe and Vern talk about last weeks box office and give you their predictions on what will do well this Easter Weekend.  Don’t forget to make your predictions over at Box Office Ace by visiting the site


In Theaters(Wide Release) April 18th

Heaven is For Real


A Haunted House 2


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S.3 Ep. 10: Alan Tudyk


Alan-Tudyk-interview-featureHeather Baxendale from The MILFcast(The Man I Love Films, Podcast) was our guest this week to talk about Alan Tudyk.  The man who was in such films including Serenity, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, and more recently Frozen.  This is by far one of the most insane shows ever recorded, but also a lot of fun.  There were a lot of mistakes during this episode, but they added so much humor that they could not be removed so we left them in.  We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we had making it. Continue reading

Box Office Talk: Episode 2


Hello everyone.  Due to internet problems and one cohost being sick.  We missed giving you last week’s show.  For that we apologize, but are grateful that you are still with us for this episode.  Joe and Vern start off the discussion by giving you a quick rundown of last weeks’ box office report.  Next they tell you about the movies opening this Friday and tell you where on the top ten you will find them.  It’s another great mini episode you don’t wanna miss.

Opening April 11

Draft Day

Rio 2

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S.3 Ep. 9: Woody Harrelson

woody-harrelsonOn this extremely fun episode.  Nick, Joe, and Vern are joined by Brad of The Picking Brains Podcast to discuss the work of Woody Harrelson. The man has an extensive filmography and choosing just three movies was not easy for everyone.  Yet, they all pull through and the results are a good one.

Also on Tap

Brad’s Top 3 Favorite Movies of all time.
Uwe Boll is not such a bad guy
A game of “Battle of The Wits”.

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Box Office Talk: Episode 1

weekend-box-officeHello listeners.

This is a brand new format that we are trying out on As You Watch. Each week Joe and Vern will talk about the upcoming movies of that weekend. They will predict how well each one does, and how much money it will make.  If you want to predict your own outcome at the box office. Head on over to Box Office Ace. There you can play against Joe and other movie buffs like yourself. Continue reading