Interview with Amy Taylor and Emily Williams of Jess Archer Vs.


jessarcherThe Vern was very fortunate to have a nice interview with the creator and lead actress of a brand new web series currently in pre production called “Jess Archer Vs“. Director Amy Taylor and Actress Emily Williams.  The best way to describe it is to imagine Veronica Mars if she was in the same universe as Scott Pilgrim.  It has many pop cultural references without being an overkill and the characters involved are very fresh and original.  Check out the show below and then check out the links to see how you can help with this production. Continue reading

The Mark Wahlberg Episode


WahlbergDuhHappeningOn today’s show.  Nick, Vern and Joe talk about the films of Mark Wahlberg and declare that he is indeed a renaissance man.  They each discuss their top 3 favorite performances of the guy and close the show with another fun game of battle of  wits.

Also on Tap
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Interview with Director Alexia Anastasio.

Alexia AnastasioOn today’s episode.  The Vern interviews writer, director, and actress Alexia Anastasio about her latest feature “Little Fishes“(click link to read Vern’s review).  The movie was recently at the Cannes Film Festival and Alexia has some very important lessons in how to promote your movie.  It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

Find out more about “Little Fishes” by visiting  Alexia’s site Continue reading

Box Office Talk: 4th of July Episode

GB2Hello everyone and Happy Independence Day.  Joe and Vern help celebrate the 4th of July by going over the box office of last week and then give their predictions on how well the new movies will be doing this week.  As always you can make your own predictions by visiting the site Box Office Ace.

Movies in full release this week
Deliver Us From Evil
Earth to Echo
Tammy Continue reading

Interview with Actress Tristan Risk of American Mary


tristan-risk-black-opal-ear-touchWhen I first saw the horror movie “American Mary“(click link to watch the trailer).  It was mainly for Katherine Isabelle because I was such a fan of “Ginger Snaps“.  The movie itself was awesome and Katherine was really good, but there was one other actress who really helped steal the show.  Her name is Tristan Risk and she played the role of Beatress, a woman who wanted to look like Betty Boop and uses body modification to get that dream.  I  really liked her character because I never knew what her true intentions were, and I thought Tristan played her perfectly. While doing a bit of research , I found out that not only is she an actress.  Tristan is a circus performer and  a burlesque dancer   I recently got the chance to interview Miss Risk about her performance and working with the Soska Twins as well as her other activities. Continue reading