Being big fans of the featured movie Heathers.  Nick and Vern get the rare opportunity to interview someone who was involved with making it.   That person was editor Norman Hollyn who was a fantastic guest.  There is a lot of great conversation about the making of this  movie as well as our thoughts about  the recent TV series remake.    Mr. Hollyn even surprised us with one of his favorite movies .   This is a great show.

Be sure to also check out Norman Hollyn’s web series 2 Reel Guys with co host Larry Jordan.  It’s like having a film school right in the comfort of your own home without all those  high tuition fees.  Just click the words in bold to view.

*Note*  I apologize for most of the audio being on only one just one side


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Special thanks to Liz Manashil of Just Seen It  for setting up the interview.