Trying something new over here at the As You Watch Podcast. We’re posing a question to all of our readers.

The Purge hits theaters this weekend and with it comes a new addition to the home invasion horror genre. This it a very effective kind of movie and disturbs us in all the right places. Because what’s scarier than strangers doing whatever it takes to get into our homes? We can’t think of anything else.

So we want to ask all of you, what’s your favorite sub-genre in the horror world? Is it the home invasion? The zombie flicks? The torture porn? Or perhaps horror films set in a particular location, like a cabin, the wilderness, or even  in Las Vegas? In the scary world of horror, what crawls under your skin faster and deeper than anything else?

Here are examples of a few sub-genres and related films:

Home Invasion
The Purge
Funny Games

Torture Porn

The Dawn of the Dead
28 Days Later
Dead Snow

Shaun of the Dead
Dead Alive

Creature Feature
The Mummy
The Host
The Thing

Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street

Those Films Set in Vegas
Resident Evil: Extinction
Vegas Vampires
Leprechaun 3 (everyone’s favorite)

We really could go on and on with all sorts of lists. Heck, a lot of these movies fit under more than one category but there are certainly those that squeeze themselves nice and neat into a particular area. Let us know what scares you the most and even what you’d like to see more of in a very overpopulated, often bloated genre.