Hello Listeners.

muhammad-ali-action-3355We at As You Watch love discussions and debates about movies, but we love to hear the opinions and thoughts from you the listener even more.  We greatly apologize for the lack of recent episodes and assure you we will be back in full force in a very short time.  Sometimes things happen beyond our control which can cause a lack of new episodes to be posted.  We are truly, truly sorry and are hard at work in finding more great movies and characters to debate about.  If you have any ideas on movies or characters that should be debated in a future episodes, please leave them in the comments below.

There is one debate however, that has been baffling our minds ever since 2011 and that is who would win in a fight.  Hanna Vs Hit Girl.



Both girls are under the age of 18, appear to be very frail and look appear to be very harmless. Yet they can take down large numbers of really big men….who carry guns…..and have had  training.  Hit girl once took on an entire mob, and killed a whole shit load of men who had really powerful guns, and a bazooka.  A freaking bazooka was fired at her and she still lives.  How bad ass is that.  Hanna is nothing to scoff at either.  She was able to escape her captives by snapping that one agent’s neck with no problems, and then kill three highly trained officers with three direct shots.  She gets the whole army base to chase after her, but they can’t find her because Hanna knows where to hide.  You will never see her coming until she wants you too and by then it is too late.

Both of these young ladies should get a freaking metal for being such great role models for girls everywhere and for showing men how truly tough women can be.  We wish we could choose both, but there’s gotta be only one winner.  So please leave comments about who you think would win between these two.  They will be read in an upcoming episode.  In a few days we will ask another important debate question. Thanks again for your support.

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