SpaceballsVSYoungFrankThe Joker once said from 1989’s Batman that when you gotta go, go with a smile. Well this episode promises to do just that. You see, this will be our last episode of season 2, but rest assure. We will be back with a brand new season and a whole new format with some brand new guests too. Nick, Joe and The Vern will be hard at work to give you a show that will hopefully continue to make you laugh as well as inform you. Keep a watch on this site for other Character Bouts written by The Vern, be sure to check out Joe’s box office reports on his site, and be sure to listen to Nick on his new Podcast KTZR:Katzenjammer Radio

As for this episode The Vern plays hosting duties while Nick and Joe debate on what is not just the best movie spoof, but the best Mel Brooks comedy as well. Will it be Joe who has chosen Spaceballs or Nick who has picked Young Frankenstein. A lot of good laughs are on this episode and they will continue in a few short weeks.

Also on deck are reviews of

Captain Phillips

Don Jon




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