women-fightingIt’s hard to deny the impact both of these ladies have in the sci – fi world, but we at As You Watch wanted a final be all answer.  Who is the most bad ass woman in the area of science fiction action movies.  Ellen Ripley of the Alien series or Sarah Conner of The Terminator Films.  Both characters are extremely tough, and have both played a huge part in making sure mankind wasn’t completely destroyed.  So let’s take a look at these great ladies now.

****Spoiler Warning***   I know these movies are old , but I would much rather tell you that these flicks may include spoilers  rather then  get back any angry messages.

Ellen Ripley.

Ellen-Ripley-Alien-Movies-female-ass-kickers-28784180-300-400Ellen Ripley first came in contact with the alien creature aboard her ship The Nostromo where it killed her entire crew.  Years later she goes back to the same planet with a bunch of military people, and also becomes the only known survivor. She then ends up the only woman on a planet inhabited by male prisoners and becomes yet again the only sole survivor there as well.  It is kind of amazing that this lady with little or no training can be the only one to survive an all out attack from these creatures.  But she is really smart and knows how to outsmart this species rather than a full on attack. Which does explain why others are quick to die so soon.  Ellen doesn’t back down from a fight at all and even puts on a suit to start bitch slapping their queen around.  Now that is pretty bad ass in itself.  Hell this woman has even died and has come back to do more battle with the alien.  It seems there is really no way of defeating her.  Even if she gets old, and can barely walk. I’m guessing she will put together a big wheelchair to run over their asses.  Ellen Ripley is a very strong heroine.

Sarah Conner.sarah-connorBeing told that you are going to be a mother when you are just a single lonely waitress has got to be pretty shocking in and of itself.  It’s got to be even more mind-blowing when you find out that computers are going to destroy the world and that your unborn son will help mankind survive.  For Sarah Conner or anyone else for that matter, this would be a hard reality to grasp.  She first finds about this plot for computers to massacre humans when a cyborg begins hunting her and this is way before she even meets the father of her yet unborn kid.  Sarah was not the strongest during this time, but she does show her strength at the end when she single-handedly crushes the robot in a compressor.  As the years went by Sarah and her son John have been preparing for Judgement Day,but others believe she is not mentally well so they lock her up. This does not stop this mom as she continues to train while another more powerful cyborg comes after her son.  Sarah shows a lot more strength during this time, but also begins to lose some of her humanity too.  She would even go as far as to kill an innocent man for inventing a program that may eventually kill everyone in the world.  This woman will do whatever it takes to make sure her son survives. Now that is one hell of a mom. I would hate to work at her son’s school and have to meet her for Parent/Teacher night.  Sarah Conner is one tough lady you don’t mess with.

Who do you think is the best woman here?  Is there another woman that  we have completely forgotten about.  Please leave comments and suggestions below.  They will be read in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Thanks for reading.