Nancy vs LaurieIn the past we have seen battles between our most famous movie monsters.  Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Jason Vorhees vs Freddy Krueger, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.  The list goes on and on but one thing that rarely gets mentioned are the people who help battles these killers.  That’s why in this special Halloween edition of  Character Punch Out. I wanted to focus on two characters who have for the most part survived the killings of a mass murderer.  Nancy Thompson(Heather Langenkamp) battled Freddy Krueger in her dreams while Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis) defended herself against the silent but knife wielding Michael Myers.   So which of these fair damsels are more effective when it comes to attacking supernatural killers. Let’s have a look.  Of course I’m only referring to the characters in the original series and not the remakes.  Oh and yes their will be some spoilers about these characters, so be warned.

Nancy Thompson –  A Nightmare on Elm Street.

nightmareNancy Thompson and the rest of the kids in her town have not been sleeping so well.  They keep having the same dream about a burnt man with knives for fingers.
This man is named Freddy Krueger and he has vowed revenge on their parents who trapped him and burned him alive.  He now invades their kids in dreams and kills them there.   Nancy Thompson, however isn’t going down without a fight, and devises a plan to help get him into the real world.  Therefore making his powers obsolete and easier to kill.  Years later we see her at a mental institution treating other victims of the dream master’s carnage(Part 3: The Dream Warriors).  Although she helps defeat Freddy again, Nancy does die at his hands too.  I’m not counting Wes Craven’s New Nightmare because Freddy goes after the people who made the movies  including Heather Langenkamp(Nancy) and Robert Englund(Freddy Krugger).   I gotta say though Nancy is a lot tougher then many of her peers because at least she fought back and has proven twice to have caused Freddy some serious harm.  That and she was in the two best movies in the franchise.

Laurie Strode –  Halloween

halloween-2-ii-1981-jamie-lee-curtis-laurie-strodeLaurie Strode thought her night of babysitting would be extremely boring and lame.  She had no idea that her night (and basically her whole life) would  involve running away from a psychopath who kills anyone and can never be stopped.  Laurie doesn’t do much fighting with Michael the first couple of times she comes in contact with him but has always managed to outlive anyone else who has had the misfortune of meeting The Shape.  Laurie learns while in the hospital(Halloween II)that Michael Myers is her brother, but was giving up for adoption and sent to a different family.  I sure hope she wasn’t responisble for breaking any of his toys, because that is just unforgivable.  Years later she does finally stands up to her brother when her terrorizes a prep school (Halloween H20) and cuts his head off.  However it’s revealed in Halloween: Resurrection that she killed the wrong guy and when she sets a trap or him again.  Michael grabs the upper hand and kills her.  Although to be fair, we are told in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers that Laurie died earlier, but had a daughter(Jamie Lloyd played by Danielle Harris).  While in H20, she has a son instead(John Tate played by Josh Hartnett).  So I’m not too sure on which timeline to follow.  It would have been cool to see Danielle Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis team up against their deranged relative in the sequels   Besides no one has really seen Halloween: Resurrection.  So I’m still going to count Laurie Strode as being the main victor against Michael Myers.

So who do you think was a better combatant against these two horror icons.  Leave us some comments and suggestions below.  The As You Watch Podcast will  return Friday Nov 8 with a brand new season and some new guests.    Have a great Halloween.