ag_poster24x36_aRGB_020We interrupt our usually scheduled programming to bring you a very special episode of The As You Watch Podcast.  On this one we join I, The Vern as I interview the director and the two leads of a new romantic comedy called “April Grace“. Andrew Hutcheson(Director), Steve White(Justin) and Kelsey Lynn Stokes(Penny) We first talk about some of our favorite rom-coms and then get into a good discussion about the film itself.  We even get a few love poems read by the guests themselves, so check out the show below and feel the love people.    I do apologize about some of the audio issues during the first half of the show,but please be patient.


To learn more about the movie and  it’s cast/director.  Check out the links below.

April Grace(Official Website)

Steve White

Kelsey Lynn Stokes

Andrew Hutcheson

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Opening Song “Talk to Me” by Peaches

Closing Song “Please Don’t Go” by Up Jumped The Devil

Special thanks to Victoria Guthrie for helping in making this interview happen.