Paul Bettany 1Hello and welcome to another fun episode of The As You Watch Podcast. We are presenting this show as a gift because right now you are most likely making that long drive/flight to visit the relatives. You’ve already seen the inflight movie,and let’s face it. you’re getting pretty sick of the songs on your IPod too. Well on this Thanksgiving episode we are looking at the career of English actor Paul Bettany. Best known for his roles in “A Knight’s Tale“, “A Beautiful Mind“, and as the voice of Jarvis in “The Avengers Nick, Joe, and The Vern go over the many highlights in his career, and then close out the show with another fun edition of our Battle of the Wits game.

Also on Tap.

Reviews of

Dallas Buyers Club

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


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Opening Song: “On Tuesdays” by The 4 on the Floor
Closing Song: “Coming Home” by The Fattenin Frogs

*Note* The show does feature a few moments where the sound does get a bit distorted and could not be edited out. Our apologies.