radio-familyThe new season of As You Watch will be starting up very soon.  Vern, Nick and Joe have been hard at work on a new set of shows that will be focusing on movie franchises.  They will be featuring guests from other podcasts from time to time and with that.  We want to introduce you to several other podcasts shows you should check out.  The following shows are not put into any sort of list from ten to one.  They all have entertaining hosts, fresh concepts, and insightful discussions on movies. Click on each name to check out the show


The Lair of The Unwanted.

Lair of unwantedSometimes watching a bad movie can be a lot of fun and no one makes that experience quite that good then the two hosts of this show.  Jason Soto and Nohlan talk in great detail the movies we missed and the ones we wish we could.  It’s great hearing them make jokes on both the good ones and the bad ones.


The Matineecast.

The-Matinee-LogoHost Ryan McNeil is a movie fan and his show The Matineecast really proves that.  Each episode is completely different from the last.  Some feature movie reviews, some talk about film festivals and others talk about whatever the hell they want to.  He also makes each guest feel very welcomed and the questions he asks them are a lot of fun.


War Machine vs War Horse.

War MachineThis one had such a fun concept that it deserves to be on this list.  First the hosts talk about a particular new release.  After that they  talk about  two movies that are also connected to that movie.  For example on one show they first talked about the movie Tusk and then debated The Fly and Splice after that.



filmwhys-extraRemember what is was like seeing some of your favorite movies for the first time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to go back into the past and relive some of those moments.   Our former co-host and founder Bubbawheat has a show just for you.   On each episode him and a guest will talk about a great movie that he has never seen before.  After that they will discuss a superhero movie that the guest has never seen before.    It’s a great show where the best films are revisited each time.


The Q FilmCast

Q-FilmcastThis is a great podcast where on each show.  They talk about a movie that is currently streaming on Netflix.  After that they each give a top 3 list that is somehow connected to the feature they were discussing.  They also are active with their fans and we love that they read their listeners twitter feeds on the top 3 section.


Walt Sent Me.

Walt Sent Me

On this fun podcast.   Todd and Kristen go over the entire Disney library and talk about many of their great films.  Not only do they discuss the ones from the house of the mouse.  They also discuss movies from Touchstone, Miramax and also Hollywood Pictures.  Their conversations on classic short films is a lot of fun too.


Across The Universe: The Chicks with Accents Podcast.

Across The UniverseAcross The Universe is a podcast that is really quite unique.  The hosts of this show are three great ladies from different parts of the globe.  Mette is from Germany, Sofia is from Portugal, and Nikhat is from India.  They come together each week to discuss several things on the world of films.  Their retrospects on film directors are a lot of fun and so are the random lists they come up with.


InSession Film.

InSession-Film-SidebarIt’s hard to keep up with the latest movie releases and this site does a really good job at keeping their listeners up to date with each one.  Hosts JD and Blake talk about both the wide releases and the independent ones and their conversations bring on a lot of good laughs.   Their video reviews are also a lot of fun to check out as well.


French Toast Sunday.

FTSListening to the folks at FTS talk on their show is like having brunch with some of your best friends.  That could be due to the fact that they all know and live right by eachother.  Some of them are dating and I think they all live and record each show in the same house.  They may even sleep together in the same bed too.  Their shows are a lot of fun and it’s fun to hear them argue their points about a particular film.



AlcohollywoodThis is a great show where they talk about a particular movie and then give the listeners a delicious drink recipe to go along with it.  You should also check out their site to see the great drinking games to go along with the film.


Honorable Mentions or other great shows you should check out but we were too lazy to write up posts about them for the list.

Forced Viewing 

Rambling Ramblers

Movie Mavericks

The LAMBcast

Simplistic Reviews

First Time Watchers

Shut Up Kids

Video Negative

Title Pending Movie Podcast

That Moment In.

Picking Brains