Film-FranchisesAs you may have figured out by now.  Our latest season is all about movie franchises and although we have a good list of ones to cover.  We could still use a little help in choosing others.  This is where you the listener gets to help us out.  Below, we have listed all of our upcoming shows and the movie series that we will be discussing.  In the comments section please list any ones that  you would like us to discuss on the show.  If  we like your choices, you could be an upcoming guest on the show.  Please by creative with your suggestions.  Don’t list the ones that most everybody would pick.  We are looking for fresh ideas and movie series that are not talked about as much.   Once again thank you for listening and until next time.

List of upcoming shows


Worst of 2014 w/ new cohosts Heather Baxendale of MILFcast and Jeremy Busch


Home Alone w/ Guest Daniel Clark of Movie Revolt

Jan 1st 2015

Best of 2014

JAN 7th 2015

Die Hard  w/ Matt and others of  Simplistic reviews.


Fast and Furious   w/ Clint of Alcohollywood

Other Franchises and series that we will be discussing on the show
Back to the Future
Indiana Jones
Stars Wars – Prequel Trilogy
Star Wars – Original Trilogy
Before Sunrise, Sunset ,Midnight
Original Planet of the Apes films
Lethal Weapon
Rush Hour

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