Happy New Year Everybody.

AwesomeYes, after a long break of partying.  Most of the As You Watch troupe recovers from their hangovers to talk about their five favorite movies of 2014.  It’s a short episode folks, but you will be entertained just the same as our longer ones.


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 Opening Song.

Protovision by Kavinsky

Closing Song.

Staccato Fart by Blood Cookie


Our Top 5 Favorite movies of 2014

4.  John Wick
3.  Chef
2. Lone Survivor
1.  Guardians of The Galaxy

5. Interstellar
4. Equalizer
3.  Lego Movie
2. Guardians of The Galaxy
1.  Gone Girl

5. Guardians of The Galaxy
4. Edge of Tomorrow
3.  Gone  Girl
2.  22 Jump St
1.  Interstellar

5.Edge of Tomorrow
4. Grand Budapest Hotel
3. Under The Skin
2. Gone Girl
1. Birdman or The unexpected virtues of ignorance.