Spring Breakers 4Although our show has been lacking in posting new episodes.  Our hosts have been doing well in being guests on other shows.  The Vern took time off from his hosting and editing duties to help out with The LAMBcast and their MOTM episode for May.   His choice of Spring Breakers beat out Princess Mononoke and Stardust as the winning title and he got to help host and edit that show.   Along for the ride were other great LAMB members including  JD Duran of Insession Film, Jay Cluit of Life Vs Film, Alex Withrow of And So It Begins, and Nikhat Zhara of The Across The Universe: The Chicks with Accents Podcast.    They each talk about their favorite moments of this flick, except for Jay because he hated it and the show becomes a real fun one to listen to.


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