Hello everybody


It’s been forever but we are back with a brand new episode.  This one is special from all the other shows that we have done.  For one, the original trio of Nick, Joe and The Vern are back as hosts.  Special guest is Rich Voza of Brain Snorts and their topics include favorite films of the summer and guests we would like to have at a dinner party.  We also close with a fun battle of wits game too

What makes this show special from all the others is that we recorded it live.  We were all in the same room together(thanks to Rich and his summer home) playing cards and having a few drinks.  It was a great time, and we hope you enjoy the show.


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We apologize about the lack of episodes and we hope to bring back ones that are missing from the site soon.  Next one won’t post until late October, but we’ll try and share episodes where we were guests.


Left to right  Joe Giuliano, Rich Voza, Nick Powell, Jason “The Vern” Hemming