You wanted the best, well you got us instead.  Yes I am very proud to announce the return of The As You Watch Podcast.  Joe Giuliano, Nick Powell and Myself The Vern have agreed to continue the podcast this summer.   However we are going to be doing things slightly different with the show.  Instead of posting episodes weekly or a bi weekly ,  We are going to  just done one long show per month.  And feature a wide range of topics.  For our comeback episode we are discussing our favorite years for summer movies.  What is your favorite year for summer movies.  Let us know in the comments or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter feeds

Going forward I’m going to let you know the topics of future episodes at least a few weeks in advance so we can read your feed back about the topics  on the show.

I hope you enjoy the new season.     Mark Your Calendars because on  05/22/2017.  The shit just got real.