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Together again: The Very Special Live Episode

Hello everybody


It’s been forever but we are back with a brand new episode.  This one is special from all the other shows that we have done.  For one, the original trio of Nick, Joe and The Vern are back as hosts.  Special guest is Rich Voza of Brain Snorts and their topics include favorite films of the summer and guests we would like to have at a dinner party.  We also close with a fun battle of wits game too

What makes this show special from all the others is that we recorded it live.  We were all in the same room together(thanks to Rich and his summer home) playing cards and having a few drinks.  It was a great time, and we hope you enjoy the show. Continue reading “Together again: The Very Special Live Episode”

Joe visits The Lair to discuss Sharknado.


Our very own Joe Guliano is a big lover of sharks .  So it makes perfect sense that he would guest on The Lair of the Unwanted to discuss cinema’s greatest combination of shark attack movie meets weather disaster flick, Sharknado.  Join Joe along with hosts Jason and Nolahn as they discuss the great acting styles of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering as well as the awesome special effects.  Check out the episode below and see if Joe is able to defeat Vern in the game of the unwanted.  We will be back with all brand new shows in September. Continue reading “Joe visits The Lair to discuss Sharknado.”

Heather B is back on the MILFCAST


We are so freaking happy to announce the return of the MILFCAST(AKA The Man I Love Movies Podcast).The classic  movie review show hosted by Kai Parker and Heather Baxendale.  They haven’t done a show in quite a while and it’s so cool that they are back.  This is the podcast that heavily influenced As You Watch and we are honored that Heather graced us as a cohost for several episodes of our show.  If you have never listened to an episode of the MILFCAST.  We urge you to please check it out because it is one of the best.  It’s not as good as this one, but  since we are on hiatus.  It’s one of the best sound pleasures, your earholes will love.  For starters, it has an awesome original theme song, and if that doesn’t get you all happy and full of gooey joy.  You can listen to the great chemistry between both Heather and Kai.  Even after all these years, they have never lost their touch. Continue reading “Heather B is back on the MILFCAST”

The As You Watch podcast are going on a short vacation.


We have been gone for quite a while and are afraid that we will be gone for slightly longer.  The Vern is having issues with his laptop and can’t download Skype which is the software used to record shows.  To make matters worse his microphone doesn’t seem to work either.  These are small issues which should be fixed in a few weeks, but just wanted to let our listeners know why there were no recent episodes.  Thank You for your continued support of the show.



Heather B decides to ‘Get Reel’ and discuss “The Huntsman” & “The Lady in The Van”


Our own host Heather Baxendale joins up with Daniel Chadwick for his show Get Reel Movies.  On this episode, they discuss the sequel to Snow White and The Huntsman, titled Huntsman: The Winter’s War.  After that they go into a review of the Maggie Smith comedy The Lady in The Van. Continue reading “Heather B decides to ‘Get Reel’ and discuss “The Huntsman” & “The Lady in The Van””

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