podcast-interviewsHere are the list of the filmmakers and actors we have been very lucky to have had on the show.  Click on each name to hear or read the show.

Joe KawasakiDirector of Reboot

Norman Hollyn Editor of Heathers

Jason Lapeyre Director of Cold Blooded

Jessica CameronDirector of Truth or Dare

Andrew Hutcheson, Steve White, Kelsey Lynn StokesDirector and Cast of April Grace

Lloyd KauffmanDirector of Return to Nuke Em High: Vol 1

Tristan Risk – Actress of American Mary

Amy Taylor and Emily Williams – Director and Lead Actress of Jess Archer Vs

Elliot Diviney, Shannon McDonough, Ryan Kiser – Director and Cast of Potpourri


Andy Hull, Tess Degenstein, Scott Yamamura, Evany Rosen – Writers and Cast of Space Janitors