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Interview with the Director and Cast of Potpourri.


potpourri 2While the show is on a bit of a hiatus between seasons.  The Vern was lucky enough to get an interview with the actors and director of a fun new horror, comedy, musical with zombies and time travel.  It is called Potpourri and you can watch it right now on Netflix.  I ask that you at least hear the show first and then watch the flick.  After that, tell your friends to watch it and then tell them to tell other people and so on….   On the show are writer/director Elliot Diviney, and cast members Shannon McDonough, and Ryan Kiser. They talk about the making of this fun movie,  a little bit about Doctor Who and The Vern reveals something interesting about his past.  Even though there were a few audio hiccups, it’s still a fun show and we hope you all really enjoy it. Continue reading “Interview with the Director and Cast of Potpourri.”

Interview with Director Alexia Anastasio.

Alexia AnastasioOn today’s episode.  The Vern interviews writer, director, and actress Alexia Anastasio about her latest feature “Little Fishes“(click link to read Vern’s review).  The movie was recently at the Cannes Film Festival and Alexia has some very important lessons in how to promote your movie.  It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

Find out more about “Little Fishes” by visiting  Alexia’s site Continue reading “Interview with Director Alexia Anastasio.”

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