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Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft


Happy Halloween Everybody


This was an earlier episode recorded a few years back, but since we didn’t have anything new. We thought we would share with you this classic show. Since it fits so perfectly today. Joining Nick,Joe,and Vern are former Cohost Bubbawheat(now of FilmWhys & Sketeched Out On TV Podcasts) and Jason Soto (of The Lair of The Unwanted Podcast). They are bringing you a fun Horror Movie Draft where slashers battle ghosts, and zombies take on monsters. Continue reading “Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft”

S.4/E.3: Men in Black

Men in Black … not so far from the truth, according to Mirage Makers.Get out your Rayban Sunglasses because you don’t want to be neuralized after hearing this episode folks. Joe and Vern are visited by their former co host Bubbawheat of Flights Tights and Movie Nights and FilmWhys podcast to talk about the Sci-Fi Comedy series Men in Black. Continue reading “S.4/E.3: Men in Black”

10 Great Movie Podcasts (that are not us).

radio-familyThe new season of As You Watch will be starting up very soon.  Vern, Nick and Joe have been hard at work on a new set of shows that will be focusing on movie franchises.  They will be featuring guests from other podcasts from time to time and with that.  We want to introduce you to several other podcasts shows you should check out.  The following shows are not put into any sort of list from ten to one.  They all have entertaining hosts, fresh concepts, and insightful discussions on movies. Click on each name to check out the show Continue reading “10 Great Movie Podcasts (that are not us).”

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