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Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft


Happy Halloween Everybody


This was an earlier episode recorded a few years back, but since we didn’t have anything new. We thought we would share with you this classic show. Since it fits so perfectly today. Joining Nick,Joe,and Vern are former Cohost Bubbawheat(now of FilmWhys & Sketeched Out On TV Podcasts) and Jason Soto (of The Lair of The Unwanted Podcast). They are bringing you a fun Horror Movie Draft where slashers battle ghosts, and zombies take on monsters. Continue reading “Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft”

Character Punch Out: Laurie Strode(Halloween) vs Nancy Thompson(A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Nancy vs LaurieIn the past we have seen battles between our most famous movie monsters.  Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Jason Vorhees vs Freddy Krueger, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.  The list goes on and on but one thing that rarely gets mentioned are the people who help battles these killers.  That’s why in this special Halloween edition of  Character Punch Out. I wanted to focus on two characters who have for the most part survived the killings of a mass murderer.  Nancy Thompson(Heather Langenkamp) battled Freddy Krueger in her dreams while Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis) defended herself against the silent but knife wielding Michael Myers.   So which of these fair damsels are more effective when it comes to attacking supernatural killers. Let’s have a look.  Of course I’m only referring to the characters in the original series and not the remakes.  Oh and yes their will be some spoilers about these characters, so be warned. Continue reading “Character Punch Out: Laurie Strode(Halloween) vs Nancy Thompson(A Nightmare on Elm Street)”

Interview with Horror Director Jessica Cameron of “Truth or Dare”


The As You Watch Podcast is going strong as it gives you not one but two.  That’s right two fun filled episodes this week. On this show,our own The Vern gets to interview writer,producer,director, and actor Jessica Cameron.  She has a gritty new horror movie called “Truth or Dare” that is not afraid to upset even the most hardcore horror fan. Jessica gives insights about how she got in to the film biz, and how this project got started.  She also has some good advice for first time filmmakers and has some predictions on what the new fad in horror will be.

Continue reading “Interview with Horror Director Jessica Cameron of “Truth or Dare””

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