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Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft


Happy Halloween Everybody


This was an earlier episode recorded a few years back, but since we didn’t have anything new. We thought we would share with you this classic show. Since it fits so perfectly today. Joining Nick,Joe,and Vern are former Cohost Bubbawheat(now of FilmWhys & Sketeched Out On TV Podcasts) and Jason Soto (of The Lair of The Unwanted Podcast). They are bringing you a fun Horror Movie Draft where slashers battle ghosts, and zombies take on monsters. Continue reading “Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft”

Heather talks about Scary Movies on TheLambcast

Black Sheep

Excellent News everyone.  We are very close to posting new episodes of the show.  Seriously in just one week new episodes will begin playing.  So get your drinks ready because it will be another awesome season.   Until then listen to our beautiful, slightly insane, but never dull, and a total sweetheart Heather Baxendale as she is joined by other slightly insane movie fans to talk about their favorite horror movies.  Lindsey of French Toast Sunday, Mette of Across The Universe, Daniel of Nightmare Gallery and Jay of Life Vs Film  Be sure to check out other great shows on The LAMBcast and also be sure to check out the other great podcasts the other hosts do Continue reading “Heather talks about Scary Movies on TheLambcast”

Bonus Episode: Interview with All Cheerleaders Die directors Chris Siverston & Lucky McKee.

ALL-CHEERLEADERS-DIE-40BF15EFor our bonus episode this week.  The Vern sits down and talks with the filmmakers of a really fun horror movie called All Cheerleaders Die. Directors Lucky McKee(May) and Chris Siverston(Jack Ketchum’s Lost) discuss some fun behind the scenes factoids in this short, but fun interview. Continue reading “Bonus Episode: Interview with All Cheerleaders Die directors Chris Siverston & Lucky McKee.”

Interview with the Director and Cast of Potpourri.


potpourri 2While the show is on a bit of a hiatus between seasons.  The Vern was lucky enough to get an interview with the actors and director of a fun new horror, comedy, musical with zombies and time travel.  It is called Potpourri and you can watch it right now on Netflix.  I ask that you at least hear the show first and then watch the flick.  After that, tell your friends to watch it and then tell them to tell other people and so on….   On the show are writer/director Elliot Diviney, and cast members Shannon McDonough, and Ryan Kiser. They talk about the making of this fun movie,  a little bit about Doctor Who and The Vern reveals something interesting about his past.  Even though there were a few audio hiccups, it’s still a fun show and we hope you all really enjoy it. Continue reading “Interview with the Director and Cast of Potpourri.”

Interview with Actress Tristan Risk of American Mary


tristan-risk-black-opal-ear-touchWhen I first saw the horror movie “American Mary“(click link to watch the trailer).  It was mainly for Katherine Isabelle because I was such a fan of “Ginger Snaps“.  The movie itself was awesome and Katherine was really good, but there was one other actress who really helped steal the show.  Her name is Tristan Risk and she played the role of Beatress, a woman who wanted to look like Betty Boop and uses body modification to get that dream.  I  really liked her character because I never knew what her true intentions were, and I thought Tristan played her perfectly. While doing a bit of research , I found out that not only is she an actress.  Tristan is a circus performer and  a burlesque dancer   I recently got the chance to interview Miss Risk about her performance and working with the Soska Twins as well as her other activities. Continue reading “Interview with Actress Tristan Risk of American Mary”

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