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Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft


Happy Halloween Everybody


This was an earlier episode recorded a few years back, but since we didn’t have anything new. We thought we would share with you this classic show. Since it fits so perfectly today. Joining Nick,Joe,and Vern are former Cohost Bubbawheat(now of FilmWhys & Sketeched Out On TV Podcasts) and Jason Soto (of The Lair of The Unwanted Podcast). They are bringing you a fun Horror Movie Draft where slashers battle ghosts, and zombies take on monsters. Continue reading “Retro Episode: Halloween Movie Draft”

Heather visits The Lair Of The Unwanted and watches Barbarella

barbarella6893We greatly apologize about the lack in recent episodes, but trust us when we say that we have more and more great shows on the way. Until then we are proud to announce that our own Heather Baxendale was a recent guest on The Lair of The Unwanted with Jason and Nolahn. On this episode they discuss the 60’s sexy sci-fi flick Barbarella, zero gravity strip teases and Heather takes a chance on The Game. Continue reading “Heather visits The Lair Of The Unwanted and watches Barbarella”

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