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Retro Episode: Superbad and Top 3 Movies About High School.


Welcome back everybody.

( From left to right: Joe Giuliano, The Vern, Nick Powell)

We thought we wouldn’t have another episode for you folks, but stashed behind his porn collection.  The Vern managed to find an earlier episode that was once removed from the site. Recorded back in 2013, Joe, Nick and The Vern along with special guest Dan Fogarty( aka Fogs of formally Fogs Movie Reviews and current co host of Title Pending Movie Podcast) talk about their favorite movies about High School and then get into a good discussion about the 2007 comedy Superbad.  Featuring actors Jonah Hill, Micheal Cera and Emma Stone when they were a lot younger. The battle of wits game tests everyone’s knowledge on movie quotes.  Enjoy the show.

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Joe’s Summer Box Office Draft Picks with Tank & Fogs.


Title Pending Image

Usually The Vern and Joe review last week’s box office report and then make their predictions about how well the new releases will do for next week.    But The Vern’s internet system decided to take a giant crap, so they were not able to record that show.  Instead Joe was a very special visitor on The Title Pending Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs.  On this show, Tank and Fogs along with guests Terrence Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer  and our own Joe of Two Dude Review. All make their picks about what will be the biggest winners of the summer season.  Check out the show below and be sure to listen to other past episodes from that show as well. Both hosts are really good and the show is a lot of fun. Of course this is after you’ve listened to all of our content first.

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