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Retro Episode: Superbad and Top 3 Movies About High School.


Welcome back everybody.

( From left to right: Joe Giuliano, The Vern, Nick Powell)

We thought we wouldn’t have another episode for you folks, but stashed behind his porn collection.  The Vern managed to find an earlier episode that was once removed from the site. Recorded back in 2013, Joe, Nick and The Vern along with special guest Dan Fogarty( aka Fogs of formally Fogs Movie Reviews and current co host of Title Pending Movie Podcast) talk about their favorite movies about High School and then get into a good discussion about the 2007 comedy Superbad.  Featuring actors Jonah Hill, Micheal Cera and Emma Stone when they were a lot younger. The battle of wits game tests everyone’s knowledge on movie quotes.  Enjoy the show.

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Quipping about Quentin Tarantino

Hello Everyone.

Tarantino 3

On this latest episode, hosts Heather and The Vern are joined by Daniel Lackey of Nightmare Gallery ( and Daniel Chadwick of A Tale of Two Dans Podcast ( to discuss their favorite films of director Quentin Tarantino. They each discuss their top 3 favorite films and end the show with a nice spoil free review of his latest The Hateful 8

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The “Official” Best of 2013 Episode

Best Movies bannerThe Vern gets quite the surprise when Nick and Joe come back to the show for being gone so long.  They talk about a few of the new releases that they’ve seen. Our hosts then list their top five favorite movies of 2013. Except for Vern who was a dumb ass and didn’t read the memo.  We promise that it’s still a fun episode and we wish everyone who listens a very Happy New Year. Continue reading “The “Official” Best of 2013 Episode”

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