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NWA/ Straight Outta Compton/Best Music Biopics

NWA posterIt’s been a while but we are back for a brand new season of The As You Watch Podcast.  Joe, Vern and Heather are back to bust some rhymes and review the latest movie Straight Outta Compton. They then take turns talking about their favorite music biopics.   It’s a great show that is not as long as our previous episodes but we hope you still enjoy listening to it. Continue reading “NWA/ Straight Outta Compton/Best Music Biopics”

Joe defends his title on the TPMP Summer Movie Draft.


summer-movie-preview-2015-624x330Summer season is here and it’s  time again for The Title Pending Movie Podcast Summer Movie Draft.  Our own host Joe Giuliano joins Tank and Fogs along with Terrance Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer.  They are there  to give their picks of  what will be the biggest hits of the summer season.  Click on the link below to hear the show and then check back later to see who won. Continue reading “Joe defends his title on the TPMP Summer Movie Draft.”

The Adventures of John McClane aka The Die Hard Episode

DieHardOriginal500Mark your calenders folks because this is the first time that all four hosts have appeared together on the same show.  Nick, Joe, Vern, Heather and Jeremy are joined by guests DJ Valentine and Matthew Stewart of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.  Their mission is to talk about the adventures of Mr. John McClane as they discuss all five Die Hard Movies.   They all gush over their love of the first film but the show gets really good when they talk about the later sequels. Continue reading “The Adventures of John McClane aka The Die Hard Episode”

The Best Films of 2014

 Happy New Year Everybody.

AwesomeYes, after a long break of partying.  Most of the As You Watch troupe recovers from their hangovers to talk about their five favorite movies of 2014.  It’s a short episode folks, but you will be entertained just the same as our longer ones. Continue reading “The Best Films of 2014”

Fourth Season Show Schedule and Suggestions.

Film-FranchisesAs you may have figured out by now.  Our latest season is all about movie franchises and although we have a good list of ones to cover.  We could still use a little help in choosing others.  This is where you the listener gets to help us out.  Below, we have listed all of our upcoming shows and the movie series that we will be discussing.  In the comments section please list any ones that  you would like us to discuss on the show.  If  we like your choices, you could be an upcoming guest on the show.  Please by creative with your suggestions.  Don’t list the ones that most everybody would pick.  We are looking for fresh ideas and movie series that are not talked about as much.   Once again thank you for listening and until next time. Continue reading “Fourth Season Show Schedule and Suggestions.”

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