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The Return of The As You Watch Podcast.


You wanted the best, well you got us instead.  Yes I am very proud to announce the return of The As You Watch Podcast.  Joe Giuliano, Nick Powell and Myself The Vern have agreed to continue the podcast this summer.   However we are going to be doing things slightly different with the show.  Instead of posting episodes weekly or a bi weekly ,  We are going to  just done one long show per month.  And feature a wide range of topics.  For our comeback episode we are discussing our favorite years for summer movies.  What is your favorite year for summer movies.  Let us know in the comments or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter feeds

Going forward I’m going to let you know the topics of future episodes at least a few weeks in advance so we can read your feed back about the topics  on the show.

I hope you enjoy the new season.     Mark Your Calendars because on  05/22/2017.  The shit just got real.



Together again: The Very Special Live Episode

Hello everybody


It’s been forever but we are back with a brand new episode.  This one is special from all the other shows that we have done.  For one, the original trio of Nick, Joe and The Vern are back as hosts.  Special guest is Rich Voza of Brain Snorts and their topics include favorite films of the summer and guests we would like to have at a dinner party.  We also close with a fun battle of wits game too

What makes this show special from all the others is that we recorded it live.  We were all in the same room together(thanks to Rich and his summer home) playing cards and having a few drinks.  It was a great time, and we hope you enjoy the show. Continue reading “Together again: The Very Special Live Episode”

Joe Guliano defends his crown on The 4th Annual TPMP Summer Challenge.

Summer Movies

For the last three years in a row.  Our own main host Joe has been the reigning champion of the of The Title Pending Movie Podcast summer box office movie draft.  On this episode he joins hosts  Tank and  Fogs  along with Terrence Faulkner   to list their five choices on what is going to be 2016’s biggest hit of the season.   Continue reading “Joe Guliano defends his crown on The 4th Annual TPMP Summer Challenge.”

Joe defends his title on the TPMP Summer Movie Draft.


summer-movie-preview-2015-624x330Summer season is here and it’s  time again for The Title Pending Movie Podcast Summer Movie Draft.  Our own host Joe Giuliano joins Tank and Fogs along with Terrance Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer.  They are there  to give their picks of  what will be the biggest hits of the summer season.  Click on the link below to hear the show and then check back later to see who won. Continue reading “Joe defends his title on the TPMP Summer Movie Draft.”

Joe’s Summer Box Office Draft Picks with Tank & Fogs.


Title Pending Image

Usually The Vern and Joe review last week’s box office report and then make their predictions about how well the new releases will do for next week.    But The Vern’s internet system decided to take a giant crap, so they were not able to record that show.  Instead Joe was a very special visitor on The Title Pending Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs.  On this show, Tank and Fogs along with guests Terrence Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer  and our own Joe of Two Dude Review. All make their picks about what will be the biggest winners of the summer season.  Check out the show below and be sure to listen to other past episodes from that show as well. Both hosts are really good and the show is a lot of fun. Of course this is after you’ve listened to all of our content first.

Continue reading “Joe’s Summer Box Office Draft Picks with Tank & Fogs.”

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