Here is a list of all of our older episodes

  Movie Discussions and Top 3’s.
(Most of our earlier episodes had featured Bubbawheat from Flights Tights and Movie Nights.  He now hosts the enjoyable podcast FilmWhys.)

Episode I. Meet The Hosts.

Episode II. Dick Tracy and Top 3 Gangster Movies.

Episode III. I Saw The Devil and Top 3 Revenge Movies

Episode IV. Snatch and Top 3 Brad Pitt Performances.

Episode V. Batman and Top 3 Best Time Travel Movies (That are not Back To The Future)

Episode VI. John Carter and Top 3 Best  Sci-Fi/Spaceship Movies.

Episode VII.  Match Point and Top 3 Movies Directed by it’s Star

Episode VIII.  Primal Fear and Top 3 Actors who deserve an Oscar

Episode IX. The Prestige and Top 3 performances by a musician.

Episode XI.  The City of Lost Children and top 3 performances by actors in a James Bond movie(That is not James Bond)

Episode XII.  Krull and Top 3 Films with Female Heroes

Episode XIII.  Heathers and Top 3 Dark Comedies

Episode XIV.  Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Top 3 Clowns in Movies

Episode XV.  The Sting and Top 3 Favorite Con Films

Episode XVI.  The Hobbit and Top 3 Favorite Scenes from Lord of The Rings

Episode XVII. Sunshine and Top 3 Christmas Films

Episode XVIII. The Best and Worst of 2012

Episode XIX.  The Muppet Movie and Top 3 Muppet, Puppet, or Stuffed Animal in Films

Episode XX. Heavenly Creatures and Top 3 Debut Performances

Episode XXI. Rounders and Best Gambling Movies

Episode XXII.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Top 3 Fictional Biopics

Episode XXIII.  To Kill a Mockingbird and Best and Worst Cinematic Dads

Episode XXIV. Fantastic Mr. Fox and Top 3 Stop Motion Movies

Episode XXV. Blade Runner and Top 3 Movie Robots

Episode XXVII. Pan’s Labyrinth and Top 3 Non Traditional Fairy Tales

Episode XXX  Raging Bull and Top 3 Modern Black and White Movies

Episode XXX(version 2.0) Zodiac and Top 3 Serial Killers in Films

Episode XXXI.  Beetlejuice and Top 3 Scary Movies for Kids

Episode XXXIV. Network and Top 3 Best Movie Breakdowns

Episode XXXV.  Straight Outta Compton and Best Music Biopics

Episode XXXVI.  House of Cards and Best Political Movies