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As You Watch Presents: The Family Feud (Pilot Episode)

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For this latest episode we wanted to do a game show, but have it be somewhat different then the usual question/answer scenario.  So for this one we are doing one all about The Family Feud.   The Vern plays hosting duties this time and while there are a few fumbles.  This is  a really fun show that we hope to play again soon.


The two teams that are challenging each other are

Jason and Nolan from The Lair of The Unwanted 


 Karly and Chris of  Core Temp Arts with co-host Nick Powell (Cinematic Katzenjammer)joining them because a third person for the other team had to drop out. Continue reading “As You Watch Presents: The Family Feud (Pilot Episode)”

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Heather B decides to ‘Get Reel’ and discuss “The Huntsman” & “The Lady in The Van”


Our own host Heather Baxendale joins up with Daniel Chadwick for his show Get Reel Movies.  On this episode, they discuss the sequel to Snow White and The Huntsman, titled Huntsman: The Winter’s War.  After that they go into a review of the Maggie Smith comedy The Lady in The Van. Continue reading “Heather B decides to ‘Get Reel’ and discuss “The Huntsman” & “The Lady in The Van””

Joe Guliano defends his crown on The 4th Annual TPMP Summer Challenge.

Summer Movies

For the last three years in a row.  Our own main host Joe has been the reigning champion of the of The Title Pending Movie Podcast summer box office movie draft.  On this episode he joins hosts  Tank and  Fogs  along with Terrence Faulkner   to list their five choices on what is going to be 2016’s biggest hit of the season.   Continue reading “Joe Guliano defends his crown on The 4th Annual TPMP Summer Challenge.”

Heather B is a Lethal Weapon on The LAMBcast.

Lethal Weapon

Our own Heather Baxendale may be too old for this shit.  But that aint gonna stop her from guesting on The LAMBcast to talk about The Lethal Weapon Franchise.  There were many different kinds of movie trilogies and series that could have won, but this one had diplomatic immunity.  Joining Heather are hosts Jay Cluitt (Life Vs Film), and guests Nick Rehak( Self Portrait), Will Slater(Exploding Helicopters),Justin Polizzi(Simplistic Reviews).

Listen to the show by clicking the link below. Continue reading “Heather B is a Lethal Weapon on The LAMBcast.”

AYW: Bonus Outtakes Episode.



Sometimes it’s the stuff that doesn’t get used that end up being the best things.  On each show there are a lot of things that haft to be removed.  Either for time or it just didn’t fit within the context of it.  The Vern presents a collection of outtakes from recent episodes and features unfiltered and fun conversations with co hosts Heather Baxendale,Nick Powell and many great guests. Continue reading “AYW: Bonus Outtakes Episode.”

The Vern guests stars on Insession Film and talks Malick




The Vern was recently a guest on Insession Film and by recent we mean at least a month ago. He was joined by Brendan Cassidy and Matty Negs of Neg’s Best Thing to talk about Terrence Malick’s latest feature Knight of Cups.  Many people find Mr. Malick to be one of the best filmmakers around while others find him to be very pretentious.  How did the guys on the show rate him.   Listen and find out. Continue reading “The Vern guests stars on Insession Film and talks Malick”

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