The Godfather Saga

godfathrOn today’s show.   Joe, Heather and Vern are joined by special guest Nick Rehak of The French Toast Sunday Podcast to talk about The Godfather Trilogy.  Three …errr…..ummmm.. I mean two of the greatest films of all time get discussed in this  very fun and exciting episode. Included are Vern’s inability to say the name Corleone and Heather’s request to spank Sofia Coppola.

Also on Tap.

Reviews of

Jupiter Ascending
Song of The Sea
Inherent Vice
The Interview.

A new Battle of Wits  game Continue reading

Interview with Matt Saxe from A Drinking Game Minnesota.

Hello Everyone.

Drinkng Game 2We’ve been on a bit of hiatus between episodes and for that we are extremely sorry.  We were suppose to have a show all dedicated to the Alien franchise and it would have been awesome.  Unfortunately,Vern’s recorder somehow messed up the 2nd half of the show and it became a jumbled mess. Too much of a mess to post and we are very sorry to our guests on that episode( you know who you are)   But with every failure the show has at times. It is redeemed by having a fun guest who is involved heavily in the world of film and theater.  Our guest this week is Matt Saxe who helps run A Drinking Game Minnesota from Shadow Horse Theater.  A Drinking Game reenacts famous movies on stage where both actors and audience members engage in fun drinking games while it’s being performed. They have done movies such as The Empire Strikes Back, The Princess Bride and Jurassic Park.  It’s a lot of fun and we urge you to check it out if you are near by the  Minneapolis area.  The Vern  had a fun quick interview with Matt and they talk about the history of the show and how you can be a part of a future production. Continue reading

The Adventures of John McClane aka The Die Hard Episode

DieHardOriginal500Mark your calenders folks because this is the first time that all four hosts have appeared together on the same show.  Nick, Joe, Vern, Heather and Jeremy are joined by guests DJ Valentine and Matthew Stewart of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.  Their mission is to talk about the adventures of Mr. John McClane as they discuss all five Die Hard Movies.   They all gush over their love of the first film but the show gets really good when they talk about the later sequels. Continue reading

The Best Films of 2014

 Happy New Year Everybody.

AwesomeYes, after a long break of partying.  Most of the As You Watch troupe recovers from their hangovers to talk about their five favorite movies of 2014.  It’s a short episode folks, but you will be entertained just the same as our longer ones. Continue reading

Interview with the cast of Space Janitors

SpaceJanitorsPoster-medIt is now Christmas Eve and while some of  you are on the way to visit some loved ones and others are stuck finishing up some work.  We invite you to listen to this very fun interview The Vern had with the writers and performers of a very funny web series called Space Janitors.  It all takes place aboard an evil space vessel and the custodial team that helps keep it clean.  On the show were Andy Hull(@andyhullbone), Tess Degenstein(@TessDegenstein), Scott Yamamura(@ScottYamamura) and Evany Rosen(@evanyrosen).  With a cameo appearance from series creator Davin Lengyel and clips from the show.  This is one holiday special that you won’t soon forget. Continue reading