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The Best of 2015….so far


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Hello everyone.  It has been a while but we are back with a brand new show.  Since we missed doing our best of summer episode.  We felt that doing our best of the year show, would be the next best thing.  We are aware that 2015 is far from over, but most of the movies coming out are Oscar bait movies, and we want to save those for that episode.  So join the trio of Nick, Joe and Vern as they discuss their favorite flicks of the past year.

Note***Vern’s audio does sound muffled because he did not get a proper mic.  This issue will be fixed by the next show. Continue reading “The Best of 2015….so far”

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Retro Episode: Blade Runner and Top 3 Movie Robots


In this early episode from season 1 Joe, Vern and Nick  are joined by Collin formally of FilmFlubs, but now writes for Cinematic Katzenjammer to talk about the 1982 science fiction feature Blade Runner as well as their top three picks of favorite movie robots. Continue reading “Retro Episode: Blade Runner and Top 3 Movie Robots”

Heather talks about Scary Movies on TheLambcast

Black Sheep

Excellent News everyone.  We are very close to posting new episodes of the show.  Seriously in just one week new episodes will begin playing.  So get your drinks ready because it will be another awesome season.   Until then listen to our beautiful, slightly insane, but never dull, and a total sweetheart Heather Baxendale as she is joined by other slightly insane movie fans to talk about their favorite horror movies.  Lindsey of French Toast Sunday, Mette of Across The Universe, Daniel of Nightmare Gallery and Jay of Life Vs Film  Be sure to check out other great shows on The LAMBcast and also be sure to check out the other great podcasts the other hosts do Continue reading “Heather talks about Scary Movies on TheLambcast”

NWA/ Straight Outta Compton/Best Music Biopics

NWA posterIt’s been a while but we are back for a brand new season of The As You Watch Podcast.  Joe, Vern and Heather are back to bust some rhymes and review the latest movie Straight Outta Compton. They then take turns talking about their favorite music biopics.   It’s a great show that is not as long as our previous episodes but we hope you still enjoy listening to it. Continue reading “NWA/ Straight Outta Compton/Best Music Biopics”

Sorry folks, but we are on vacation.

Hello Everyone.

beach-radio1Joe, Nick, Vern, Heather and Jeremy want to let you know that we miss you all, but we are taking a small vacation. Well not small, but still a vacation none the less.  We have tons of our own personal things going on right now and we just really want to take a break from podcasting for a few weeks.  The show will return in late July-August with a brand new season and all brand new episodes.   Keep watch of our Facebook page for any updates from us or any other great show.  Thanks again for listening and we look forward to bringing you more great things the future.

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